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Sanne (Josephina Maria) van de Goor is a designer based in Amsterdam. Since finishing her studies in Graphic Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie she has been working as an independent designer on both self-initiated and commissioned projects. Fascinated by the underlying rules that create a structure and the potentiality to generate an unpredictable outcome, Sanne uses constraints as a means of triggering ideas and inspiration.

Sanne’s autonomous visual projects, commissioned assignments, and educational work embody this tension between precision and randomness, chaos and control. Kopzwaai, her initiative that develops and executes art projects and workshops for children, embraces the unpredictability that can emerge through rule-based play, while her collaborative, community-oriented projects combine pattern design with parameters and restrictions that facilitate participatory practices.
    With her interactive projects, Sanne designs patterns and systems of working that open up space for the encounter that takes place during the act of making—allowing shapes, compositions, materials, and people to respond and react to one another. With an interest in process as much as result, her work visualises the behaviours, patterns, and imaginative habits that emerge through processes of handwork, such as folding, mending, and patching. In her participatory projects, handwork acts as a catalyst that brings people together, builds new connections, and initiates conversations. By actively combining graphic, interactive, and social-artistic elements, Sanne’s work contributes a vision for new forms of collaboration within the current design landscape.

Sanne has worked, and collaborated on projects, with Nieuw Dakota, Rijksmuseum, Z33, Design Academy Eindhoven, The Vulva Gallery, New Metropolis, Oilily, Lloyd Hotel, Studio OvN, CBK, Connecting the Dots and Festival Hongerige Wolf, amongst others.